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Scleral Lenses Success Stories

googles 5 star reviews

5 Star Reviews

This is an amazing service and I benefitted from this because now, I don't have to wear glasses and I can play sports, exercise, and more with clear vision. I don't have to wear glasses while playing sports and it is so much easier. My daily life is so much more simple with no glasses.

orthok review

- Kelly L.

They are doing excellent job..

- Audrey P.

Dr. Bhavjit Mangat is excellent in her treatment of her patients. She put my daughter at ease and made it very easy and effortless to have her learn how to put her contact lenses in. She’s very easy going and it’s very apparent from her behavior that she cares about her patients. I would highly recommend her. We’ve very much enjoyed and appreciated our interactions with her

- SA

Our son is 12 yrs-old and has autism and ADHD. Appointments of any kind are sort of an anxiety-builder for him, but not when I mention that it’s to go see Dr. Bhav. Our son sees her for vision therapy and results have been amazing. Our visits are always pleasant and we love how flexible and understanding she is. . He loves her and so do we. We’d recommend her services to anyone. Thank you for all that you do and have done for our boy, Dr. Bhav. We are blessed to have found you when we did.

- JC

Both my boys were seen by Bhavjt . My first son had a weak right eye and had to undergo therapy. I clearly remember the first 2-3 visits were full of drama . Bhavjit was very patient, she did not rush and ultimately my son felt very comfortable to a point that I did not accompany him in the examination room . All visits were very detailed and you could see that they did not line up appointments back to back . My second son was diagnosed with Mypoia, very common these days . Again excellent experience. I live inMill Creek and drive to Bellevue just because I trust Bhavjit and know she will give best advice and will take care of things .

- DM