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Which Frame Style is Most Suitable for My Face Shape? | Advanced Eyecare Solutions
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Which Frame Style is Most Suitable for My Face Shape?

Advanced Eye Care Solutions is here to provide all of your eye care needs to the citizens of the greater Belleview, WA area. We have a full inventory of great frame styles and are here to assist you in finding the perfect pair for your face! In this month’s blog, we will discuss the best frame shapes and styles for different face shapes.

  • ROUND the major characteristics of a round face are a rounded chin with full cheeks and equal or nearly so length and width. The best frames for this face shape are bold with strong detailing, use nose pads to elevate them off of the cheeks and have lenses that are wider than they are tall.
  • SQUARE shaped faces are a predominantly angular look that features a prominent jawline and wide forehead. Neutral colored frames are the best bet for square shaped faces. Frame shapes such as horn rims or other up swept shapes are also a good bet. Thinner frames will help to soften the angularity of square faces.
  • OVAL faces have high cheekbones and a chin that is narrower than the forehead and an overall sense of balance between all of the features. Oval shaped faces work well with bold frames in fun and bright colors. As the oval face is symmetrical and well-balanced finding a frame that is also balanced is best.
  • HEART shapes are mostly attributed to a sharp and angled chin that is offset by a broad forehead and high cheekbones. People with heart shaped faces will want to find frames that are light in color and have more weight or any detailing on the bottom half of the frame. Opting for shapes that are wider than the forehead will give the face a stronger sense of balance.

Our staff is here to help you find the absolute best frames for your shape face and personality. We offer a wide variety of styles and carry many different brands. If we do not have the frame that you want in stock, we are happy to order them for you. We are currently offering a great special when you purchase your first pair of eye glasses you will receive a 25% discount when the second pair is purchased within 30 days. Advanced Eye Care Solutions is also equipped to help you with any issues that you may be experiencing due to computer vision symptoms. If you are suffering from blurry vision that is not helped by your regular prescription lenses, it may be a symptom of Computer Vision. This situation is easily remedied so ask your optometrist about how a few changes in your daily computer habits can help to lessen symptoms such as blurry vision and dry eyes.

Stop in and see us at Advanced Eye Care Solutions when you are ready to choose your next pair of corrective glasses or prescription sunglasses!