How to Use Progressive Lenses

How to Use Progressive Lenses

As people age, their eyesight begins to change. You may notice that words on a page are looking a little smaller or blurrier than they used to. Progressive lenses are similar to bifocals in that they have two separate sets of glass in one pair of glasses, However, they have three separate sections that the […]


Which Frame Style is Most Suitable for My Face Shape?

Advanced Eye Care Solutions is here to provide all of your eye care needs to the citizens of the greater Belleview, WA area. We have a full inventory of great frame styles and are here to assist you in finding the perfect pair for your face! In this month’s blog, we will discuss the best […]

5 Common Eye Disorders

5 Common Eye Disorders

Eye infections or diseases have become rampant in our current society, some are associated with the lifestyles we choose, and some are a congenital disability. Nonetheless, they all need to be managed. Depending on the disorder you or your child may have, there are different a treatment options for you. The doctors too are different […]

conjunctivitis what to expect during recovery

Conjunctivitis: What to Expect During Recovery

Conjunctivitis, also known as Pink Eye, is a condition of the eyes causing them to be itchy, swollen and irritated. One common symptom is that eyes are crusted shut upon waking due to infected mucous secretions. Viral Conjunctivitis Viral conjunctivitis tends to impact both eyes and may follow a cold or respiratory infection. This may […]

what is computer vision and how is it treated

What is “Computer Vision” and How is it Treated?

Computer vision is a new term for a new phenomenon.  Within the world of optometry, computer vision syndrome is caused by prolonged use of digital screens; laptops, computers, iPhones, iPads, and anything with a digital screen.  The most common result of constantly viewing a digital screen are strained eyes, which is typically temporary, to more long-term affects. […]