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5 Common Eye Disorders | Advanced Eyecare Solutions
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5 Common Eye Disorders

5 Common Eye DisordersEye infections or diseases have become rampant in our current society, some are associated with the lifestyles we choose, and some are a congenital disability. Nonetheless, they all need to be managed. Depending on the disorder you or your child may have, there are different a treatment options for you. The doctors too are different depending on the extent of the damage. Below is a list of the common eye disorders and suggested doctors you should visit as well as your treatment options.

5 Common Eye Disorders


Glaucoma has been named the silent eyesight killer among African Americans in the US. It is caused by increased intraocular pressure which in turn damages the optic nerve of the eye leading to decreased peripheral vision or eventual blindness in the long run. It is more common in people who are 40 years and above and in families that have a history of the disease. The symptoms do not show until the disease is in its advanced stages and it is thus advisable to visit an optometrist for examination. Treatment options include surgery which you can get from an ophthalmologist.


It is commonly known as the “lazy eye,” and it affects children. This defect is as a result of one eye focusing better than the other or a misalignment of the eyes. The condition should be treated early before the child is older to prevent permanent loss of one eye.

Macular Degeneration

Commonly referred to as age related macular degeneration disease, the defect affects the macula which is the central part of the retina that allows you to see finer details. The condition can result in blindness and is the leading cause of poor reading or close-up vision in adults aged 65 and above. The right treatment or preventive options will be given to you by your optometrist.

Diabetes Eye Disease

It is common for people with diabetes type 1 or 2. It can cause severe damage to the blood vessels in the retina leading to vision impairment. The disorder is commonly known as Diabetes Retinopathy and can be controlled by regulating the blood sugar level, blood pressure and managing the amount of lipid consumption. An early visit to your specialist will help to prevent further damage.


The condition occurs when the eye lens becomes cloudy. It can be caused by some medications you took and old age, but in some cases, some children are born with the defect. It is the primary cause of blindness, and it affects millions of people in the world. Cataracts treatment option is surgery administered by your ophthalmologist who will do a laser eye surgery.

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